Welcome Little One

Those tiny fingers and curled up toes…… those first few days of life, so precious and beautiful – captured so they can be cherished forever.

If you are after those sleepy, newborn, curled up pictures, then your little one should typically be between 4 and 10 days old.  Otherwise we can shoot newborns up to 12 weeks and just hope that they sleep for some of the shoot!   A lot of patience and time is needed, so there is no limit to how long the session will be, but rest assured we will produce the most wonderful images!

Come along to my studio, the kettle is always on! sit back and relax – we will very much allow baby to dictate proceedings, so if we need to stop for a feed (or anything else!) so be it.  I have a small selection of props which can be used if you want them or not – its your baby and your shoot.

Please contact me well before your little one is due – it’s never too early!  We can book a provisional date and wait ‘patiently’ until his or her arrival!  Once your baby has arrived, we can arrange the exact date